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Series Recap: Braves vs. Brewers

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Despite having a huge wobble in the second game of this series, the Braves recovered nicely in order to take three out of four against the Brewers

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In the series preview for this four-game affair, I said that this was a chance for the Braves to pick up some wins against a team that the Braves were actually better than. Although there was a wobble of sorts in the second game of the series, the Braves accomplished their mission by taking three out of four in this series. In the process, the team is now one game over .500 as we head into Memorial Day.

Game one of this series was a complete laugher, but it didn't come without controversy. In the seventh inning of this game (while it was still close), Will Smith entered the game for the Brewers in a relief appearance. He hit the first batter he saw, and afterwards, Fredi Gonzalez alerted the umpires to a painfully obvious greasy substance on Will Smith's non-throwing arm. This turned out to be a mixture of sunscreen and rosin, and the umpires immediately threw Smith out of the game. Afterwards, the floodgates opened for Atlanta and they eventually ended up winning the game 10-1.

After that game, Craig Counsell said that the Brewers were going to get revenge by winning the next three games of the series. It was big talk from a team that's currently mired at the bottom of the NL Central, but they appeared to have the motivation to back up those words. In addition, the Braves lost Alex Wood to a stomach virus, which meant that Eric Stults was the starter. Stults ended up getting seven earned runs added to his tally, but most of those runs were given up by Trevor Cahill. As such, the Brewers ended up trampling the Braves and won this game 11-0.

Friday's awful pitching performance was wiped away thanks to another solid outing on Saturday from Shelby Miller. He only gave up two runs throughout his stint, and he also added a double that eventually led to a run. This game ended up going to extra innings, and Jace Peterson ended up being the hero of Saturday's game. Peterson hit a walk-off single to win it for Atlanta by the score of 3-2.

The final game of this series was all about pitching, and Mike Foltynewicz was the star of the show. He went 7.2 innings and only gave up one run throughout. On the other side of the coin, the Braves scratched out two runs, and this was enough for the Braves to sneak by Milwaukee for a 2-1 victory, giving them the series victory.

Despite the fact that the Brewers are obviously struggling, this was absolutely a positive series for the Braves. The team responded nicely to the adversity of getting blown out on Friday, and again, the team is over .500 on the Memorial Day checkpoint of the season. Overall expectations should still be pretty low, but it's absolutely a nice place for the Braves to be at this point in the season. However, they're going to have a pretty big test on their hands as they begin their west coast trip. Here's hoping that the good times keep rolling.