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Braves news and links 5/19

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Today's links include news on Phil Gosselin, Shelby Miller, the new stadium, and more.

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Phil Gosselin is out for 6-8 weeks

Another day, another Braves third baseman goes down. Phil Gosselin left Sunday's game with a thumb injury, and it's turned out to be a lot more serious than anyone thought it would be. Gosselin has a fracture in his thumb, and will be missing the next six-to-eight weeks. This has prompted our friends over at ATL All Day to ask the question: What's happening to all the Braves' third basemen?!

Is Fredi on the hot seat?

In case you mayu have missed it, the Marlins have fired their manager and replaced him with a front office manager (more on that later). This prompted FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal to speculate on who might be next, and Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez was on Rosenthal's list. Although it'll take a huge tailspin for an in-season firing to occur, there's always a possibility that they'll just let Fredi's contract expire. Either way, there's an air of uncertainty surrounding the managerial position.

Shelby Miller is inching towards elite status

Meanwhile, there's no uncertainty about the talent that Shelby Miller possesses. He's already thrown two Maddux games this season (the record for a single season is three), and appears to be ready to take the leap towards being an elite pitcher. According to Braves PresiGM John Hart, he never had a doubt in his mind.

"We loved Shelby and we didn't blink," Hart said. "We just went with it. The deal probably came together in 48 to 72 hours. We just felt it was the right deal for us. There was interest from other clubs [in Heyward], but this was the one we really liked because we liked Shelby. We valued Shelby and felt there was still upside."

"He's made a lot of adjustments and it's been a lot of fun to watch," Hart said. "The one thing that I like is this guy is prepared and he's taking ownership in his career. He's in the video room and the weight room. He's paying attention and he's experimenting. This is a pretty special young man on top of what he has been able to do for us on the mound."

New Braves stadium now costs $1.1 BN

The Braves' new home in Cobb County is still going up (on a Tuesday), both in construction and in price tag. The latest figures released from Liberty Media have the cost of the Braves stadium at above $1 BN for the first time: $1.1 BN, to be exact.

Braves will face Rays in two-game series

Tonight, the Braves will be welcoming the Tampa Bay Rays to Atlanta for a quick two-game series. If you need a primer for the quickie series, then we've got you covered with our series preview!


White Sox come out on top in pitchers duel

Chris Sale and Corey Kluber were the two starting pitchers for Monday night's game between the White Sox and Cleveland. Naturally, the game ended 2-1 because Sale and Kluber are fantastic pitchers. As a matter of fact, Kluber's strikeout-to-walk ratio over his past 17 innings is 30-1. That is stupid. Despite Kluber's magnificient effort over nine innings, the White Sox were able to edge Cleveland by one run by picking up a walk-off victory in the 10th inning.

Dan Jennings is the new Marlins manager. Will it last?

Earlier, I mentioned that the Marlins replaced their former manager with a front office executive. Once again, everybody in baseball is laughing at those wacky Marlins. However, our friends over at Fish Stripes are convinced that this is clearly a temporary measure, and it's being done for some pretty solid reasons.

More importantly, the Marlins know that moving Jennings to the dugout prevents the situation of paying yet another organization member to manage the team. The club is stuck with a $2.5 million tab for Ozzie Guillen this season and the remnants of a three-year contract extension for Redmond. As Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports points out, the Marlins are making plenty of money from revenue sharing and saving cash elsewhere, but ownership groups probably do not care for so much of the teams's dead money, especially on managers. Moving Jennings over makes the appearance of a non-temporary move, something a coach with the interim label would not have, while at the same time allowing the team to not have to make a hire until after Guillen's deal is off the books.