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Open Thread 5/14: Off-Day Extravaganza

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There's no Braves tonight, but there's still plenty of happenings in the baseball world tonight, so come on in!

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Well, it's another one of those horrible evenings in which we're without Braves baseball. Yeah, they lost last night, but I'd rather sit through a Braves loss than no Braves at all. I just love my team that much (or maybe I'm a masochist). Anyways, even though the Braves aren't playing, there's still plenty of baseball going on right now, so we may as well talk about it (or anything else) here!

Of course, the comment section is open for anything Braves related, but I've got a simple question if you're not interested in talking about the Braves (and I don't see why you wouldn't be interested in the Braves -- I mean, look at the name of the website, bruh): What's been your favorite baseball story of the season so far? For me, it's gotta be the fact that the Astros have gotten off to a good start. I really got into an OOTP run with them, and after reading plenty of articles on their GM and their #Process, I've kind of adopted the Astros as my AL team. Granted, I haven't been watching every single game of theirs this season, but I try to keep an eye on them, and it's nice to see that they're doing well so far. I just wish that Evan Gattis was doing a bit better. He's definitely scuffling a bit, but hopefully he'll get it together soon (just not tonight, since he's not in the lineup.).

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Anyways, the floor is yours. Anything you want to talk about, go ahead and talk about it. Have at it, guys!