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Series Recap: Braves vs. Reds

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This was a series between two evenly matched teams, but it's pretty clear that the Reds are the better team, and they proved it in their victories. Bummer.

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The Braves are currently in the midst of a nine-game road trip, and things didn't get off to a good start when they got swept in Washington. Their visit to Cincinnati wasn't much better, but at least they didn't get swept, right? Still, it was a bit of a rough trip as the Braves dropped yet another series.

The first game ended up being the best one for the Braves. The game was tied at one going into the ninth inning, and that was largely due to the efforts of Shelby Miller on the mound. He put in another great performance, and his efforts put the Braves in a position to win the game late. They did just that, which is when Phil Gosselin changed the game by getting a hit off of Aroldis Chapman, then eventually stealing third base and making it home thanks to a wild pitch from Chapman. That run put the Braves in the lead, and it was enough to win.

Tuesday's game was also tightly contested, and once again, it wouldn't be decided until the ninth inning. This time, it was the Reds' turn to pull off a late victory. Despite the fact that the Braves led this game 3-2 at one point, the Reds scored one run in the seventh inning and then Devin Mesoraco (who hasn't played a single game this season as catcher due to lingering hip issues) came on as a pinch hitter in the ninth inning. Mesoraco delivered by hitting a walk-off double to give the Reds their first win of the series.

With the way the first two games went, it wouldn't have been unreasonable to think that game three would've been a tight affair as well. As it turned out, it was anything but tight; Unfortunately, it didn't go in the Braves favor. The Braves absolutely could not figure out rookie pitcher Raisel Iglesias, and they only collected two hits for the entire game. This wasn't nearly enough to keep up with the Reds, who scored early and often. They scored five runs and made short work of the Braves, literally; This game only lasted barely over two hours. At least it was quick!

So, even though it's May, we've already seen the last of the Reds until next season. Overall, the two teams are pretty close in quality, though it's clear that the Reds are the better team here. Most of the Braves' victories in this series were close, while when the Reds won, it was normally a game that got out of hand. As far as the Braves are concerned, this is turning into a pretty bad road trip (they've lost five out of six on this trip), and thy're going to have to get things under control in Miami, lest they return home next week in bad shape.

As a reward for making it through this recap, here's a video of my favorite Braves-Reds memory, ever.

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