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Reds make short work of Braves as Atlanta loses 5-1

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One of the positives from tonight's game is that the Braves didn't get no-hit, and they didn't get shut out. That's about it.

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If last night's walk-off victory for the Reds was a bit of long con, then this was the equivalent of a quick mugging in a back alley. It took the Reds all of two hours and six minutes to put up five runs on the board, which was more than enough to swiftly usher the Braves out of Cincinnati.

Things started badly for the Braves from the word "Go." With two outs, Kelly Johnson's first swing of his first at bat went about as bad as it could go. It looked like he tweaked his back during his swing, and it was bad enough to where he had to exit the game. As the game progressed, it was reported that KJ suffered a right oblique strain and was day-to-day. Now, it's being reported that Johnson is now on the DL. Considering how well his season's gone, that's a huge bummer for him and the Braves' offense.

Meanwhile, the Reds jumped on Eric Stults early and didn't let up at all. After Zack Cozart hit a double with one out, Joey Votto brought him home by hitting a liner right up the middle. The pain continued into the second inning, which is when Marlon Byrd hit a 343-foot home run. Welcome to Cincinnati! If that squeaker of a homer didn't appease you, then you can take solace knowing that Todd Frazier's homer in the third inning would've gone out of any ballpark in America. His homer went to dead-center field, and it was of the 2-run variety. The Reds finished their offensive barrage in the fifth inning, which is when Billy Hamilton hit a triple with one out. Zack Cozart brought home the speedster with a sacrifice fly, and the Reds were up 5-0 at that point.

Now, while all of this was going on, Reds pitcher Raisel Iglesias had a no-hitter through five. That immediately changed in the sixth inning, which is when Eric Young hit a blooper into single that just barely evaded the glove of Billy Hamilton. Unfortunately, that was the first of a whopping two hits that the Braves would tally in this game, as the young Iglesias absolutely befuddled our Braves tonight.

The second hit came in the eighth inning, and that was when Pedro Ciriaco hit a one-out triple. Nick Markakis brought him home by hitting a grounder to second base. Markakis was easily thrown out, but Ciriaco scored and the Braves scored a run against all odds.

With the way this game went, I'm just happy that the Braves not only scored, but managed to avoid getting no-hit by a pitcher making a spot start. It was just one of those nights that this offense is prone to having, and we're going to learn to live with it soon enough. But for now, you have to give credit to Iglesias for an amazing performance and the rest of the Reds for taking care of business. The Braves are definitely going to be reeling a bit as they continue their road trip in Miami.

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