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Braves sign Wil Nieves to minor-league deal

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The journeyman catcher who was last seen randomly hitting a grand slam for the Padres will be joining the Braves organization on a minor league deal.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, C Wil Nieves was DFA'd by the San Diego Padres after they decided to bring up one of their catching prospects to the big leagues. Nieves cleared waivers and shortly thereafter, he elected to become a free agent in hopes of latching on elsewhere. Well, those hopes have come to fruition, because the Braves have decided to sign the 37-year old to a minor-league deal.

This is pretty obviously an organizational depth move for the Braves. Nieves struggled in the few appearances he made for the Padres this season, and his ceiling as a major-leaguer is as a backup catcher. With that being said, the Braves apparently decided that they needed a replacement for the recently-retired John Buck, and it appears that Nieves fit the bill.

I'm not going to post his current numbers on here, but needless to say, they're paltry. With that being said, the one hit he does have this season is a GRAND FREAKIN' SLAM.

If he actually does make an appearance for the Braves this season and he hits another grand slam, then this deal will be worth its weight in gold, silver, platinum, diamond, and any other precious metal you can think of. But for now, it's a decent signing for organizational depth and not much else.