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Carolina Mudcats' Bus flips while traveling to Myrtle Beach (Updated)

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A bus carrying the Carolina Mudcats team was involved in an accident early Tuesday morning which resulted in several players being taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Mudcats' team bus flipped over early Tuesday morning while traveling to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina following Monday's game in Salem. According to the report, there were 33 people on the bus and that eight people were taken to the hospital. Among those eight were seven players and a trainer. All have since been released from the hospital according to WECT.

Tuesday's game in Myrtle Beach has been canceled.

Here is a video of the bus being flipped back upright:

WECT, weather

Update: Another picture from the crash as it appears the bus is being unloaded:

Update: Mudcats' Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations talks with WECT about Tuesday morning's crash:

WECT, weather

Update: According to a report by the Tabor - Loris Tribune, the driver of the bus carrying the Carolina Mudcats this morning has been charged with "exceeding a safe speed."

A driver was charged with exceeding a safe speed after the Abbot Trailways bus she was operating overturned into a ditch on a highway detour near Chadbourn early Tuesday, Trooper Melvin Campbell of the North Carolina Highway Patrol said.