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FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Picks: May 1

Start off the weekend by making some cash on FanDuel.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Braves aren't playing their best baseball at the moment, having lost three consecutive games. Even with the promotion of Mike Foltynewicz for Friday's start, fans may want a bit of a distraction from the home team to get their weekend started, and though we must recommend locking in to Braves-Reds, we're here with a "complimentary" form of weekend entertainment.

Our previous entries have been up and down this season, with a big winner on Opening Day and an 0-for-2 output since then, but daily fantasy sports provides action at any rate, and we like action. SB Nation and FanDuel continually partner on one-day leagues (see link below), and you should certainly visit their site to explore and even attempt to make some money.

Editor's Note: SB Nation's partner FanDuel is hosting a $125,000 one-day fantasy baseball league today. It's $2 to join and first place wins $10,000. Enter now!

As usual, fading my picks may be your best option, so feel free to do that.

Note: This lineup would be used in an evening-only contest, removing the 2:20 pm ET game from the equation.

P - Matt Harvey ($10,300)

C - Stephen Vogt ($3,100)

1B - Adam LaRoche ($2,700)

2B - Dustin Pedroia ($2,900)

3B - Chase Headley ($2,700)

SS - Marcus Semien ($3,100)

OF - Jacoby Ellsbury ($4,200)

OF - Josh Reddick ($3,500)

OF - Seth Smith ($2,400)

There is a clear "big two" among starting pitching options on Friday, and I'm going with Matt Harvey over Max Scherzer. In a weird twist, the two aces actually face each other, but given that Scherzer is a) more expensive and b) coming off a thumb ailment, Harvey seems like the better value. There is no shame in going with a cheaper starter (maybe a gamble on Anthony DeSclafani against the Braves, for instance), but I'll take the safety and upside of Harvey.

In the lineup, platoon advantages are always key, and I've made some conscious decisions. Vogt, Semien (though without the platoon split) and Reddick have the benefit of facing Colby Lewis and the Rangers in a hitter-friendly ballpark, while Headley and Ellsbury square off against Justin Masterson. Yikes. Braves fans will likely cringe at the thought of relying on Adam LaRoche, but given the opponent (Kyle Gibson) and the price, you can't argue.

The slogan, as always, is to simply make money, and this lineup can potentially help you get there. Let's do this together.