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A new era dawns for Talking Chop

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Our great manager is moving on. Who's been put in charge of keeping the site great (or at least making sure that it doesn't burn down)?

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Hello there, Talking Chop. So, ever since late last season, this great community of ours has been managed by the amazing Jane Hammond. I think we can all agree that she's done a tremendous job at helping Talking Chop move forward and continue to be one of the absolute best places on the internet to read about and discuss our beloved Atlanta Braves.

Meanwhile, other places have noticed that Jane's awesome, and as a result, she's earned an amazing opportunity and has chosen to pursue it. Unfortunately for everybody here, that means that she'll be leaving the staff and will be stepping down as manager. Again, she's been absolutely amazing during her time here, and we wish her nothing but the best and great success.

Of course, this means that this site is now under new management; Co-management in fact, as both Kris Willis and I will be teaming up as the new managers of Talking Chop. Now, if you happen to be an Atlanta Hawks fan who frequents Peachtree Hoops, then you already know that Kris runs a good ship over there and the same is going to happen over here as well. Meanwhile, I'm just a lurker-turned-blogger-turned-manager-who-is-still-a-blogger who just wants the site to continue being a great place for Braves fans to come and talk about our favorite baseball team.

Ultimately, that's what we're all about: Making sure that this is the website, blog, and community for Braves fans to come to and be a part of. We're not trying to turn over the apple cart here or paint the walls traffic-cone orange or anything like that; We just want to keep this place going in the right direction, and most of all, we want to have fun! Even if the Braves don't exactly light the world on fire this year, we're still going make sure that this is an enjoyable place to just have fun talking about baseball.

If you've got any questions or concerns or just any type of thoughts, then feel free to use the comments section as your platform. You can do that and/or you can hit up either of us on twitter (I'm @fergoe, and Kris is @Kris_Willis). Additionally, you can also reach any of us at @TalkingChop on twitter or if you give us a like on facebook. Seriously, you've got a plenty of ways to get in touch with us, so don't be afraid to reach out!

Lastly: Go Braves! This would be the part where I start making the Chop motion with my arm, but this is the internet so you obviously can't see it. Instead, just imagine me doing it. I promise you, it's awesome; Just like this is going to be awesome!