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MLB free agent predictions: Experts think the Braves will be quiet

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Very few of the national writers see the Braves being players on the free agent market despite having money to spend.

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The Braves have some money to spend this winter thanks to all the maneuvering done by John Hart and John Coppolella over the last 12 months. It could be in the area of $30 or $35 million depending on a few roster decisions. But even with that money, most experts think the Braves will be rather quiet this offseason.

MLB Trade Rumors released its top-50 free agent predictions list earlier in the week and had the Braves signing one player: Tyler Clippard.

36. Tyler Clippard - Braves. Three years, $18MM. Clippard's strikeout and walk rates moved in the wrong direction this year, but he still compiled a 2.92 ERA in 71 innings for the Athletics and Mets. He's a two-time All-Star who has succeeded in a setup and occasional closer role since 2009. His history of success should be enough for a three-year deal.

John Coppolella has said that rebuilding the bullpen is a priority this winter. While the unit was pretty bad in 2015, I can't think of a worse way to continue the rebuild than by spending decent money on a reliever or two.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports released his list on Sunday. The word 'Braves' wasn't even mentioned in the entire article. The New York Post didn't have Coppolella locking up anyone of note, either.

Peter Gammons also reported the Braves were not in on Georgia native Matt Wieters.

This all begs the question: should the Braves be active on the free agent market? Just because a team has money doesn't mean they *should* spend that money on a few overpriced free agents. Things should begin to pick up in the next few weeks as the GM and winter meetings begin.