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Dian Toscano is finally cleared to play for the Braves

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After nearly a year of trying to make his way through red tape, Cuban outfielder Dian Toscano has finally been cleared to begin playing for the Braves

Al Bello/Getty Images

Ever since the Braves signed Cuban outfielder Dian Toscano nearly a year ago, there's been a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding the 26-year old lefty. Despite signing a four-year deal with the Braves last offseason, Toscano didn't play a signle inning of baseball in the Braves' organization during the 2015 season. Even though he eventually made it to the United States, he was never cleared to actually play.

Fortunately, circumstances have changed. The AJC's Dave O'Brien is reporting that Toscano has finally been cleared to play for the Braves, and could be joining the winter ball brigade soon.

I'm sure that everybody involved in this -- from the front office to the fans who want to see just what the Braves have here with Toscano -- is happy to see that Toscano has finally been given the green light to begin playing baseball. Now, if you have super-high hopes for Toscano, then you have to remember that, at best, he's rated as being a potential 4th outfielder on the major league team. So, temper your expectations accordingly.

With that being said, Toscano has apparently beaten long odds to even make it to the Braves' organization, and now that he's finally cleared to begin playing, here's hoping that he can eventually make his way to the major league squad.