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More chatter about Hector Olivera moving to the outfield

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More chatter about a potential move to the outfield for Hector Olivera.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Hector Olivera is going to spend part of the winter league season playing in left field and now there is more chatter in regards to the seriousness of the move. Buster Olney tweets that Bo Porter has been working with Olivera in the outfield.

It is important to note that this may not be new information at all. It was reported a week ago that Olivera would be seeing time in the outfield during winter league. The reasoning given for the move was to add flexibility for Olivera and the team down the road.'s Mark Bowman reported on this move a week ago and said that the Braves were looking long term in regards to Olivera and it did not mean that he would be moving off of third base for next season.

Still, the Braves have made it clear that this does not mean they are hoping to use Olivera as their primary left fielder next year. It's simply a decision that enhances his defensive versatility and provides the club a chance to get a feel for what their needs might be over the next few years.

It remains to be seen if this is a new development or just a rehashing of last week's report.