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Lets Chat: Prospect/MiLB Q&A with Eric

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To change things up a bit, we want to hear from you guys, the readers, and you can ask us directly about the Braves farm system and related topics.

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Alright boys and girls, the season is over and we now must stare off in the direction of the AFL and the various winter leagues for news to hold us over until next season. As we wait for at least the winter meetings, I figured this would be a good time to talk you guys, the readers. For the next few hours, I will be answering your questions about my thoughts regarding Braves prospects, the farm system, MiLB stuff, or really just about anything. I will respond to as many as I can. It should a good time and hopefully it will start some interesting discussions. All that I ask is that you post your questions that you want me to answer as standalone comments and not within threads. Its possible/likely that I will engage in some back and forth on topics, but posting questions as their own thread is a lot easier for me to keep track off. Have fun, be nice, and here are some videos for you to watch as you ask me questions.