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Atlanta Braves news and links: Is Shelby Miller-for-Joc Pederson in play?

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We've got even more Shelby Miller trade rumors for you, but this newest piece of info is by far the most intriguing. Could Shelby Miller potentially be on his way to the Dodgers for Joc Pederson?

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Dodgers and Braves discussed Shelby Miller-for-Joc Pederson swap

It's a weekday that ends with the letter "y," which means that we've got some Shelby Miller trade rumors to share with you. This time, it concerns the Dodgers and it would've meant sending Shelby Miller to the blue side of Los Angeles in exchange for Joc Pederson. Yes, you read that right: The Dodgers are apparently willing to move Joc Pederson for Shelby Miller, but according to the report, that's only if they miss out on re-signing Zack Grienke. If they whiff on that, then this deal could potentially happen, and I'd imagine that we'd be pretty happy with the return.

Braves show interest in Ben Zobrist

While a Shelby Miller trade appears to be looking more and more likely by the day, one move that probably isn't likely is Ben Zobrist coming to Atlanta. With that being said, the Braves are apparently in the running to do so, as they were one of a handful of teams listed to be seriously pursuing the versatile utilityman in free agency. Zobrist will probably end up on a team that figures to be contending, but one way that he could end up on a contender is via trade from the Braves if they end up hitting the lottery and signing him. Will this happen? No. Should the Braves plunk down the expensive amount of money that it'll probably take to sign him? Probably not. Would it be cool if the Braves were able to pick up Zobrist and potentially flip him at the deadline for even more assets? I'd say so.

Braves are approaching deadline with Mike Minor

The deadline for offering contracts to unsigned players is this Wednesday, and the most notable name that the Braves have left when it comes to that situation is Mike Minor. I'd say that the chances of the Braves re-signing Minor are pretty slim, especially when you consider that Minor is still behind when it comes to rehabilitation from injury and also that Bud Norris is now part of the rotation. John Coppolella spoke on this recently, and it doesn't seem like he's too enthusiastic about Minor returning to the Braves:

On Nov. 10, Braves general manager John Coppolella was asked whether the Braves would need to see Minor throw off a mound before the Dec. 2 tender/non-tender decision.

"We want to see something, whether it’s off the mound or … we need to see something," Coppolella answered that day. "We can’t just blindly tender him a contract and put the team at risk. Because every single dollar counts for us."

Cobb County will host open house concerning SunTrust Park

If you actually live in Cobb County and you're interested in how SunTrust Park is going to affect you as a taxpayer, then this is probably something that you should go to. Cobb County will be hosting an Open House concerning the new stadium on December 7th.

The open house will be held on Monday, Dec. 7  from 4-7 p.m. on the second floor of 100 Cherokee St. in Marietta.

Cobb County says there will be no formal presentation, even though "staff will be on hand to share information and answer questions."


Tigers sign P Jordan Zimmermann to big-money, five-year deal

The first huge free agency domino has fallen, and it's the Tigers who have decided to splash the cash on a valuable free agent. Former Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmermann will be heading to Detroit on a five-year deal that's reportedly worth around $110 MM. While that might seem pretty expensive for Detroit, the crew over at Bless You Boys would argue that it's not a bad investment for a pitcher who will be 34 by the time the contract expires.

Last season was a year of adjustments for Zimmermann, and for the most part, he was able show that he can still pitch well with less velocity. Although he gave up more home runs in the second half of the season, his xFIP was better at 3.53 than it was in the first half at 4.05. His home run to fly ball ratio in the second half was 18.2 percent, but an inflated home run rate can sometimes be attributed to luck, especially for a guy who has historically been good at keeping the ball in the park. Plus, he upped his strikeout rate and lowered his WHIP in the second half. Aside from the inflated home run rate and ERA, Zimmermann's second half was reminiscent of his 2014 season.

Even if he doesn't fully regain his 2014 form, with an average salary of $22 million per year, more seasons like 2015 would easily make him worth the money.

Beyond the Box Score: Blue Jays didn't overpay for Happ

Meanwhile, the Blue Jays recently added J.A. Happ to their pitching corps on a three-year, $36 MM deal. Now, when you see J.A. Happ getting money like that, the first reaction is to say that the Blue Jays just overpaid for a middle-of-the-road pitcher who's coming off of a career year. However, Beyond the Box Score believes that in today's market, the Blue Jays may have done some good business with this deal.

app managed to produce a 1.2 fWAR — the first time he had been worth that much since his first 40.1 innings stint with Toronto in 2012. That being said, the former third round pick has been worth somewhere between one to two wins in six of his last seven seasons. Happ, in a sense, has been the poster child for an average, not quite replacement level/quad-A pitcher. The floor of average is without a doubt within his reach, and if this is Happ’s definition of not living up to the deal I’m sure the Blue Jays would take it.

The ceiling, well that is a different story. Using Steamer, Happ is projected to regress a little from how well he pitched for the Pirates, yet prolong it over a greater amount of time. Over 146 innings Happ is predicted to own a 3.80 ERA and 3.95 FIP while being worth 1.9 wins in the process. Although those predictions are not meant to be exactly true, this projection alludes to us that Happ should continue to improve next season even though it can’t account for the changes he made. Either way, that excess value is an immediate boon for the Blue Jays.