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SB Nation MLB 2015 Awards: Pitcher of the Year

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Who was the Pitcher of the Year in Major League Baseball for the 2015 season?

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We continue SB Nation's MLB Awards Week with a look at the Pitcher of the Year category. I will list five nominees and you vote in the poll for the player that you think is the most deserving of the award. If you think that I foolishly omitted a deserving candidate, then vote for "Someone Else" and let me know who in the comments. Narrowing the scope to just five pitchers was extremely difficult so I feel sure that there are some worthy omissions.

If you missed out on Day 1 and the Hitter of the Year award, click here and go vote. Now on to the Pitcher of the Year nominees.

Clayton Kershaw (2.13 ERA/ 1.99 FIP/ 11.68 K/9)

Clayton Kershaw put up another dominant season in 2015. He was a workhorse totaling 232 innings while racking up an astounding 301 strikeouts. His fWAR of 8.6 was 1.3 higher than the next best pitcher.

Jake Arrieta (1.77 ERA/ 2.35 FIP/ 9.28 K/9)

Jake Arrieta helped pitch the Cubs into the postseason and put up one of the most remarkable second halves of the season ever. He averaged more than a strikeout per inning totaling 236. He also posted the second best FIP of 2.35 which trailed only Kershaw.

David Price (2.45 ERA/ 2.78 FIP/ 9.19 K/9)

Toronto's pick up of David Price gave their rotation a much-needed boost that resulted in a trip back to the postseason. Price didn't disappoint as he maintained his status among the league's most dominant pitchers.

Max Scherzer (2.79 ERA/ 2.77 FIP/ 10.86 K/9)

Max Scherzer's inclusion on this list might be a bit controversial, but his 6.4 fWAR for a disappointing Nationals team is impressive. Scherzer's racked up 10.86 strikeouts per nine innings but maintained great control walking just 1.34 over nine which was easily the best rate among the nominees. Throw in a pair of no-hitters and his spot on this list is secure.

Chris Sale (3.41 ERA/ 2.73 FIP/ 11.82 K/9)

Chris Sale led the league in strikeouts per nine innings and did so while maintaining a walk rate of under two. He allowed more runs than any of this group, but a solid FIP puts him in line with the rest of the nominees.