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SB Nation 2015 MLB Awards: Hitter of the Year

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Who was the Hitter of the Year in Major League Baseball for the 2015 season?

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It is awards week for SB Nation's Major League Baseball sites and up first is the Hitter of the Year category. I will give you five nominees and you vote in the poll for the player that you think is the most deserving of the award. If you think that I foolishly omitted a deserving candidate then vote for "Someone Else" and let us know who in the comments.

Here are the nominees:

Bryce Harper (.330/.460/.649)

About the only thing Bryce Harper didn't do during the 2015 season was get the Nationals into the post season. He really came into his own posting career-best numbers in hits, doubles, homers, runs scored and RBIs. His 124 walks bolstered his on base percentage to .460. It is scary to think about, but at 23 years of age, Harper's best days may still be ahead of him.

Josh Donaldson (.297/.371/.568)

Josh Donaldson put up an MVP caliber performance in his first season with the Toronto Blue Jays. He was a bonafide run producer driving in 123 while scoring 122. A large portion of that came on his 41 home runs and 41 doubles. His 73 walks don't make up for 133 strikeouts but he is a nominee simply because of the runs that he created for his team.

Mike Trout (.299/.402/.590)

You can just about pencil Mike Trout's name on this list every season and he might have been the overwhelming favorite if not for a wrist injury that hampered his production in August. Still, the numbers are impressive across the board and that is without taking into account his superior defensive skills. Trout banged out 41 homers and 32 doubles. He scored 104 runs and drove in 90. Those numbers are great and they would have likely been excellent if not for the 29 games in August where he hit .218 with just one home run. 2015 wasn't the best Mike Trout season, but an average Mike Trout season is better than just about everyone else in the game.

Joey Votto (.314/.459/.541)

Joey Votto might be the most controversial name on this list. Still he rebounded well from an injury plagued 2014 season and retook his place among the best hitters in the game. Votto produced 33 doubles and 29 home runs. He drove in 85 runs while scoring 95. His 143 walks bolstered his on base percentage to .459 which was within a single point of Harper's .460. Votto's season probably wasn't as good as Harper, Trout or Donaldson's but he certainly belongs in the conversation.

Paul Goldschmidt (.321/.435/.570)

Like Votto, Goldschmidt bounced back from an injury shortened 2014 with a big season in 2015. He posted a career-best .321 average which was bolstered by a .382 BABIP. Goldschmidt scored 103 runs and drove in 110 more. He finished with 38 doubles and 33 home runs and was selective enough to walk 118 times.