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Postseason open thread 10/9: Let's play four!

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Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

If you love baseball (and we should assume that you absolutely do, considering that you're on a Braves blog site after the season we just went through), then today is going to be an amazing day for you. This is the only day during the 2015 MLB Postseason where we're guaranteed to have back-to-back-to-back-to-back baseball games. That's right: We've got four games on the docket today, and they will all start one after the other.

We'll be starting the day in Toronto, where the Blue Jays will be trying to avoid falling into a 2-0 hole against the Texas Rangers. After that, the Royals and Astros will lock horns in Game 2 of their series, with the Astros hoping that they'll be able to return to the Lone Star State with a 2-0 lead of their own.

After the two afternoon games, the National League will finally kick off their Divisonal Series with the age-old rivalry between the Cardinals and the Cubs. After that, our nightcap will happen on the West Coast, which is where the Mets will be facing the Dodgers.

All four of these games are going to be exciting, so if you can find a way to get your eyes on each game, make sure you do so. Also, if you want to just talk about the Braves, then do so. It's an open thread, so go right ahead and talk about what you want!