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Postseason open thread 10/7: Wild Card Madness Part 2

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The 2015 MLB Postseason continues on. Tonight, the Pittsburgh Pirates host the Chicago Cubs in the NL Wild Card. Baseball Thunderdome continues!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After an interesting night in the Bronx that saw the Astros roll into town to topple the Yankees and advance to the ALDS, business is bound to pick up tonight as two NL Central rivals square off in the NL Wild Card game.

The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago Cubs are actually two of the best teams in the National League this season, so it'll be a bit of a shame to see one of these teams have their season come to a close after tonight's contest. The atmosphere at PNC Park should be amazing thanks to their usual Postseason "Blackout" movement, but the Cubs have Jake Arrieta going for them on the mound. The last time Arrieta faced the Pirates, this happened, so Chicago will have reason to feel confident about their chances. What do y'all think, though? Who's going to take the final spot in the NLDS?

So as usual, keep things civil as you discuss the game and whatever else that's Braves or baseball-related.

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