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Christian Bethancourt has arthroscopic knee surgery

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Braves catcher Christian Bethancourt had a procedure to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

We reviewed the catcher position for the Braves earlier this week, but today brought news that could make the Braves' decisions at catcher just a little bit more difficult.

Bethancourt had missed some time with a thumb injury during the season, but there was no indication that he had a knee issue bothering him. Whether he sustained the injury recently or it was an issue that has been bothering him for some time is not yet known, but this is certainly not the way the catcher wanted to start his offseason.

Luckily, the procedure is not seen as a major problem and Christian should be able to begin working out again in late November. However, with Bethancourt's future as the Braves' starting catcher already in question after a disappointing 2015 season which saw him sent back down to the minors and having the front office not exactly give him a ringing endorsement going forward, this is just another factor that the Braves must consider going forward. Playing catcher is already very hard on the knees and with Christian's struggles as well as this injury, it could accelerate the Braves' willingness to pursue other options this offseason. Retaining AJ Pierzynski seems to already be something that the Braves' want to do, but pursuing Matt Wieters or another free agent catcher this winter could be a possibility.