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Talking Chop's Community Prospect List Recap, No. 1-10

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A look back at the first ten rounds of voting for our community prospect list.

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As the season wound down, rlwhite took it upon himself to initiate the Talking Chop Community Prospect list endeavor, which is currently ongoing in the fanposts section of Talking Chop. In this exercise, the community votes on the team's top prospects, with the winner in a given round claiming that spot and removed from consideration for following rounds.

These posts have featured great discussion and a pretty entertaining exercise in seeing whether your preferred candidate gets enough votes to win the round, and this post is mostly just a summary of how the TC community has voted to date.

1: Ozhaino Albies

Young Ozzy Albies absolutely dominated this round, and was the near-unanimous choice for the #1 Braves prospect at this point in time. Albies accumulated over 80% of the votes for the round, and you know it's a pretty strong statement when much of the TC community agrees on just about anything.

Unsurprisingly, Albies was also ranked #1 by the TC staff in July. He now has a 60 overall FV from Kiley McDaniel/Fangraphs and was the #12 prospect from an August list featured therein.

Best anagram: I'm gonna be honest, anagrams for "Ozhaino Albies" are terrible. He may be the #1 Braves prospect, but he's definitely not #1 in "most-anagrammable name." Ionize Halo Abs? I don't know.

2: Kolby Allard

Balancing the position player side of the ledger with a young, powerful arm, recent 2015 draftee Kolby Allard took the second spot in the rankings. His dominance in this round was not as universal as that of Albies, but he still got close to 60% of the vote. and no other individual prospect really challenged him for the spot.

Allard was ranked #8 by the TC staff in July, but with the removal of Jose Peraza from the system, we can really think of it as at least #7. He got a 50 FV grade from KMcD/FG in August.

Fun fact: San Clemente High School, where Allard was drafted out of, is a little less obscure than most high schools. Jorge Garcia (Hugo on Lost) and Rian Johnson, who directed some episodes of Breaking Bad as well as the movie Brick, a personal favorite of mine, are both alumni. (Brick was actually largely filmed at the school.)

Best anagram: Balky Dollar. Well... let's hope not.

3: Mallex Smith

This vote was strongly contested by Austin Riley, but Smith took the crown with about 30% of the overall vote. For a pitching-rich system, two of the top three spots as voted on by the community went to position players. Smith was named the Braves Minor League Player of the Year for 2015 (not by TC, but by the Braves organization).

Smith was ranked #6 by the TC staff in July (#5 post-Peraza departure). Kiley McDaniel/Fangraphs had him originally listed as 45 FV, but one wonders whether or not he's improved that with a solid 2015 campaign, or whether a fast outfielder that may lack elite fielding and any pop really makes sense to pencil in as a below-average-regular guy. We'll probably see soon enough.

Fun fact: Mallex Smith appears in an Adidas commercial, along with Josh Harrison, that plays on I've never seen a minor leaguer with no major league exposure appear in a product endorsement commercial before. Has anyone else?

Best anagram: Max The Mills, which is what Smith will probably do when he hits free agency if he lives up to the hype he has among the TC community.

4: Lucas Sims

This vote was hotly contested from the get-go, and really opened up the field. Surprisingly, Austin Riley didn't win despite coming in second in the vote for the #3 spot. Overall, Sims got just over a quarter of the vote, far from a ringing and unanimous endorsement. But that kind of plurality is all it takes when it beats out everyone else, that's just how we roll.

Sims was ranked #5 by the TC staff in July (#4 post-Peraza departure). KMcD/FG have him as a 50 FV.

Fun fact: His middle name is Sundberg? Seriously, you'd think there'd be more fun fact info on him floating around. If anyone has any, I'll throw it in here.\

Best anagram: Cuss Mails. Not disallowed by USPS, at least not yet.

5: Max Fried

Fried pulled out about 40% of the vote, which is a little surprising given that he's A) not named Austin Riley, and B) he got only the fifth-most votes in the prior round. In any case, despite not having thrown an official pitch in the Braves organization, he slides into the system's top five per the community.

Fried was ranked #2 (post-Peraza) by the TC staff in July; KMcD/FG have him as a 55 FV.

Fun fact: Sticking with the high school theme since I don't have much to go on here, Fried also went to a pretty famous and prestigious high school, Harvard-Westlake out in Los Angeles. A lot of famous Hollywood types are alumni of the school, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Jon Lovitz, the Gyllenhaal siblings, and so on. Lucas Giolito, a top prospect in the Nationals' system, was a high school teammate of Fried's, and Brennan Boesch, who played 2015 with the Reds, also went to said school.

Best anagram: Fixed Arm. Hey, I didn't do it. Just sayin'.

6: Austin Riley

Riley got about 40% of the vote here, finally grabbing a spot after being a solid competitor for the previous spots. Still, it was a hard-fought victory, as there was only a slim margin to give him this spot over Touki Toussaint.  Again, it's notable that through the top six spots, there are three position players; Riley is also the second guy in the top six that was drafted in 2015.

Riley wasn't ranked by the TC staff in July, but I'm sure he'll start popping up everywhere as his .304/.389/.544 line in 2015 with 12 homers in 60 games is kind of a mouthful.

Fun fact: Despite the fact that Riley's a really big guy (6'3", 230), he played shortstop in high school. He was also scouted as a pitcher by many teams, and was clocked with a 95 mph fastball.

Best anagram: Is Unreality. Hopefully in a good way.

7: Touki Toussaint

After losing a close one to Riley for #6, Toussaint dominated this round, grabbing about 55% of the vote, the first majority since Allard at #2. Toussaint had pretty poor results in the minors, but still oozes potential and it's kind of neat that the Braves got him for some dead salary and Phil Gosselin. (By the way, Gosselin put up a 4 fWAR/600 pace and had a 148 wRC+ for the Diamondbacks.)

Toussaint was ranked as post-Peraza #3 by the TC staff in July, and has a 50 FV from KMcD/FG.

Fun fact: Toussaint was actually born in Florida but his family moved to Haiti three months after he was born, only to return six years later. Toussaint actually stopped playing baseball as a kid for a couple of years to focus on soccer and hockey (in Florida?!).

Best anagram: Seriously, what is it with Braves prospects and having sub par anagram names? Oak Intuits Outs would be good, if bats were made of oak... but not so much.

8: Tyrell Jenkins

The Braves 2015 Minor League Pitcher of the Year really entered the conversation at this point and also dominated the round, grabbing about 60% of the vote. (No, I'm not counting votes for ERROR as legit votes, because as far as I know Brooks Conrad isn't a prospect in the system anymore.) That Smith and Jenkins are #3 and #8, respectively, per the community despite being the most ready prospects says something about the community's proclivity to upside and potential relative to impending contribution ability, but I'm not exactly sure what.

Jenks, as I might call him if he's ever worthy of a nickname, has a 45+ FV from KMcD/FG, and was #8 (post-Peraza) on the TC staff July rankings.

Fun fact: Mike Matheny personally invited Jenkins to Cardinals' Spring Training in 2012. Is that weird? I don't know if that's weird.

Best anagram: Kill Jenny Rest. Well, that's certainly violent. Maybe if you replace "Jenny" with "Nationals hitters" or something. And even then, we're talking via getting them to make outs, not like, fastballs to the head.

9: Braxton Davidson

Davidson got about 40% of the vote, with his biggest challenge coming in the form of Rio Ruiz. Again, there's a surprising contribution of bats being ranked fairly highly, rather than relegated to the "meh prospect" range.

Davidson is another guy, like Jenkins, with a 45+ FV from KMcD/FG, and was #6 (post-Peraza) per the TC staff July rankings.

Fun fact: Davidson is from Asheville, which is also where my wife is from, along with a pretty substantial contingent of TCers. He went to the same high school as another Braves Ashevillian, Cameron Maybin. (Former Brave Darren Holmes is another alumnus of the same school.)

Best anagram: Sandbox Dirt Nova. Uhm... yeah.

10: Rio Ruiz

Ruiz garnered about 40% of the vote (which seems to be a popular fraction for winning a round), with some competition from Ronald Acuna. His presence ensures that TC's community rankings give the Braves an even split between position players and pitchers in the top 10.

Ruiz got a 55 FV from KMcD/FG and was #9 (post-Peraza) on the TC staff July rankings. However, one wonders whether rankings and potential FV assessments will take a hit given a pretty poor 2015 for him.

Fun fact: Ruiz was drafted in the fourth round by the Astros in 2012, but was considered a potential first-round pick that year before a blood clot in his clavicle forced him to pretty much miss the season.

Best anagram: Nope. Letters no worky.

While these guys are locked away, there's always a chance to get your voice heard in the ever-muddled world of the next bunch of prospects. Just look for the really obvious fanposts on this topic, generally in the recommended fanposts section. Even if you're not particularly interested in voting, there's some great discussion there, so stop looking at this and go over there instead. (Also, have fun watching me waste my vote on Zach Bird for like 15 consecutive rounds.)