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Braves season in review: Another good year from Freddie Freeman

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Injuries slowed Freeman down at times, but he continued to mash at first base.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Freddie Freeman was his usual self in 2015. It's to the point where he's consistently good enough that Braves fans may take him for granted a bit.

Wrist and oblique injuries slowed Freeman down and prevented himfrom playing 120 games for the first time in his career. The Braves smartly shut him down during the final week of the season to prevent further damage.

Freddie still managed to hit .277/.371/.472 over 480 plate appearances with 18 homers. He now has a career .285 average, .833 OPS and 131 wRC+ through five full seasons and should be entering his prime after just turning 26 years old last month.

Freeman will start becoming more and more expensive starting in 2016. After earning $8 million this year, he will receive $12 million in 2016, $17 million as the Braves move to Cobb County, and then $21+ million from 2018-2021. Assuming he can shake off the injuries, this figures to be a pretty fair and rewarding contract extension for all parties involved.

Talking Chop's season in review/preview series generally wraps up with what the options are at the position moving forward. First base may be the only position where it's not a debate. Freeman will continue to hold down first base for years to come. He's a franchise player being paid like one, and he's one of two or three players in the entire organization who are off the table as far as trades go.