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Atlanta Braves news and links: Olivera and Allard are the Braves' top prospects

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Baseball America has released their annual top 10 prospect rankings for the Atlanta Braves, and Hector Olivera is at the top of that list, alongside Kolby Allard.

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Olivera and Allard top Baseball America's Braves prospect rankings

Baseball America has released their annual Top 10 prospect rankings for the Atlanta Braves, and this will probably be one of the only times you ever see a 30-year old and an 18-year old right next to each other in prospect rankings. That's the situation we're in now, as Baseball America has ranked 3B Hector Olivera and LHP Kolby Allard as the top two prospects in the Braves organization, respectively. As usual, you'll have to be a subscriber to read the entire article, but it's definitely worth a read if you have the subscription.

Will the Braves go into the Cuban market again for a pitcher?

After eventually getting their man in Hector Olivera, the Braves may not be finished with plucking fruits from the Cuban tree. The Braves were one of many teams who had scouts on hand at a recent showcase to take a look at Cuban pitcher Yasiel Sierra. Sierra defected from Cuba to Spain earlier last year, and although he hasn't been declared a free agent just yet, he's definitely garnering a lot of interest and the BRaves could be one of the teams who could potentially go after the prospect.

Sierra is still waiting on MLB to declare him a free agent and of course he has to get a Visa but as a citizen of Spain that shouldn’t be an issue.  Once those things are done the battle of the checkbooks begins. With 350 scouts on hand the interest is obviously high and his skills are the kind every team needs. It all depends on how the Braves view him.

If they see him as a high upside guy they could well open their checkbook and get him on board fro next season. Out bidding others for a guy who doesn’t require a draft pick and could provide immediate help would be considered aggressive by most fans.

Where were you when the Braves won it all in '95?

We're getting closer and closer to the 20-year anniversary of the Braves winning their first (and, to date, only) World Championship here in Atlanta, and we'll be commemorating the occasion all week. Meanwhile, the crew at the AJC took submissions from readers who felt like sharing what they were doing on the night when the Braves won the title.

What is the Braves' payroll situation looking like?

As we get closer and closer to the official start of the offseason, it's important to get an idea of what the Braves' payroll is looking like as we enter the Hot Stove season. As such, Ivan's given us a primer on the Braves' payroll situation for the 2016 situation. Of course, things are going to be changing as the Braves themselves make changes to the squad, but it's definitely interesting to see where the team is at before the wheeling and dealing begins again.


Mattingly will interview with Marlins today

Don Mattingly was recently dumped by the Dodgers as their manager, but he could very well be landing on his feet pretty soon. The Marlins have expressed plenty of interest in Mattingly, and the feeling is mutual as he's reportedly going to be interviewing for the job today. With that being said, Miami definitely won't be Mattingly's only option.

Now that he is available, it is likely safe to assume Mattingly is the top candidate for the Marlins job. The problem is they have competition. San Diego is seeking a new manager. So is Washington. As is Seattle. The list continues. Just because the Marlins are fond of Mattingly does not guarantee he will be managing the club next year. In fact, he might manage the team that pays him the most. Miami is still paying former manager Mike Redmond and is not necessarily in a position to do so.

Baker and Black are the two main candidates for Nationals job

Meanwhile, the Washington Nationals have gotten closer to identifying the man for their job. Both Bud Black and Dusty Baker have received second interviews for the managerial position in our nation's capital. Personally, I'm rooting for the Nationals to hire Dusty Baker. I think that this would give Fredi Gonzalez a level playing field when it comes to this particular managerial matchup.