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2016 World Series odds: Atlanta Braves seen as a massive long-shot

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Odds to win the 2016 World Series are here and, well, the Braves aren't getting a lot of respect.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 MLB season is, technically, still underway as the World Series begins this week, but the "experts" in Las Vegas are already looking ahead to 2016. With that in mind, Jeff Sherman of the Westgate Las Vegas has released 2016 World Series Odds, and the Braves are not garnerning a great deal of respect.

With the Braves at 100-to-1, only the Colorado Rockies (150-to-1) and Philadelphia Phillies (300-to-1!) are seen as less likely to bring home a title, and this really should not come as a surprise. It should be noted that odds like these are fluid in nature, meaning that they can be altered as roster changes come throughout the winter, but at this moment, Atlanta's roster is brutal to the point where 100-to-1 might be generous.

There is plenty to discuss with these odds, including a lot of respect for NL East rivals in the Mets and Nationals, but for now, we can all simply dream of cashing 100-to-1 tickets in November 2016.

Here are the full odds: