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Arizona Fall League Recap: Relatively quiet night

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Only Connor Lien was in action for the Braves on Saturday on a relatively uneventful night in the AFL

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Scottsdale Scorpions 1 vs. Peoria Javelinas 3

Box Score

  • Connor Lien, CF: 1-3, K

Well there was some good news in this game for Javelina and Braves fans alike as no Brave imploded and the Javelinas manufactured 3 runs to beat the Scorpions 3-1. The Javelinas are now sitting at .500 for the season which is unfortunate for them given that they are in the (for the moment) more competitive West division of the AFL.

Now as for the part that most of you are probably actually interested in, only Connor Lien was in action from the Braves organization on Saturday. He did go 1-3 with a single in the game, but he also struck once to bring his total to 9 Ks in 6 AFL games. He is has started the year in the AFL batting .182 which isn't exactly what you would want to see from a player with intriguing tools like he has. Whats more disconcerting is that all of his hits are singles, he has walked once, and he has no stolen bases. Lien does have very real tools at his disposal and hopefully he can shake off the jet lag and begin to show some improvement as the AFL season goes on.