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Atlanta Braves news and links: Coppolella gets promoted

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John Coppolella now has the title that befits what he's been doing all season. Also, Ryan Weber had his best start of the season, and if you wanted to know what Javy Lopez has been up to lately, now's your chance to find out.

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John Coppolella gets promoted to GM position

The man who has apparently been making most of the GM decisions for the Braves this past season has officially been handed the title of GM. John Coppolella was promoted to the spot by the Braves on Thursday afternoon, and he signed a contract that should keep him in that position through the 2019 season. John Hart will still have the final say, but this promotion should give Coppolella some more clout within the organization and it's always nice to keep one of the better young executives in the sport on your team, right?

Braves five-game home winning streak ends with loss to Nationals

Meanwhile on the field, Ryan Weber had the best start of his young career. He pitched seven innings, struck out ten, walked nobody, but his only major mistake was allowing Clint Robinson to hit a solo homer. That ended up being enough for the Nationals to win, as Stephen Strasburg and the rest of the Nationals' pitching staff shut down the Braves' bats and were able to avoid a sweep.

Final series of the season is set to start tonight

There are now only three games left in what's been an arduous season at the major league level for the Braves. They'll be welcoming the NL Central Champions St. Louis Cardinals to the Ted for what should hopefully be some entertaining baseball, even if it doesn't mean too much. As usual, we'll be covering the games, and we hope you'll join us here this weekend. I mean, you've made it all the way to the end, so you may as well stick around for the whole thing.

So, what happened to Javy Lopez?

It's always nice to look back on the glory days of the 1990s, and one of the most important cogs that made that Braves machine go during the Divisional Dynasty was Javy Lopez. The former Braves catcher became the starter in '94, and held that position down until the 2004 season, which is when he joined the Orioles via free agency. He retired after Spring Training in 2007 when he failed to make the Braves, and the AJC decided to catch up with Lopez to see what he's been up to since then.


Yankees return to the Postseason after picking up 10,000th win in franchise history

Well, this was probably the Yankee-est way for the Yankees to make their return to the Postseason, right? A milestone victory that was also a victory over the Red Sox? Yeah, that had to be pretty sweet for the Yankees and their fans, who are probably thrilled to be back in October baseball after a painful, grueling, agonizing, absolutely horrific two-year absence from the playoffs! Anyways, the Yankees need just one win to assure that the AL Wild Card game will be played at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night.

Rangers clinch Postseason berth with win over Angels

Meanwhile, the Texas Rangers have completed their improbable surge (they were pretty deep in the standings back in July) and are now guaranteed at least a Wild Card spot. The win on Thursday night was doubly sweet, as they were able to beat the Angels and knock them out of contention for the AL West title. Now, it's all down to the Rangers and the Astros. Will the Rangers manage to steal the division, or can the Astros complete their Cinderella story and somehow reclaim their grip on the AL West lead? It's gonna be a fun weekend when it comes to this race.