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Postseason open thread 10/16: The ALCS kicks off tonight

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The Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals are going to start off the Championship Round segment of baseball's Postseason. So, who's going to take the first game and get one step closer towards the World Series?

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

After one of the most exciting Divisional Rounds of Postseason baseball came to an end last night, we've jumped right into the Championship Series portion of the playoffs, and we're starting in Kansas City. The Royals were here last year, and now they're planning to defend their American League crown against the Toronto Blue Jays, who have been through an utter adventure just to get to this point.

Now, as you can see in the photo above, these two teams don't like each other. It's rare that you see two teams entering a huge series like this with animosity already lingering. Normally it's born through familiarity in the Postseason, but these two already have it going in. Hopefully we won't see it bubble over, and all the excitement will stay between the lines.

If you're here, you may as well stick around and talk about the game below. This should definitely be interesting, so there's plenty to talk about.