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Postseason Open Thread 10/10

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Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Rolling merrily along, the postseason appears to be. The Cubs and Cardinals are duking out and as of this point the Cubs look like they might even the series.

Meanwhile, yesterday's game against the Mets and Dodgers was pretty epic, with Jacob deGrom and Clayton Kershaw blisteringly defeating all sorts of hitters, but the Mets prevailed after Kershaw loaded the bases and then departed. Also, Daniel Murphy hit a long homer off of Kershaw, fairly weird given the lack of a platoon advantage there.

Anyway, the Cubs and Cardinals are still playing and the Mets/Dodgers get started in a couple of hours, so feel free to make this to place to hang and offer stray observations or laugh at Michael Cuddyer try to play the outfield again, or something.