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A new chapter at Talking Chop

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Come help us help you make TC an even better Braves community!

Don't mind my adorable throwback here...
Don't mind my adorable throwback here...
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Hola, Talking Chop community. In case you don't really know me, I'm Jane. I love Martín Prado more than most people, neon nail polish is my life and I was there when my Mercer Bears beat Duke. Oh, but more importantly I suppose, I'm the new manager here at TC. I've been around since last summer, mostly editing and running some things behind the scenes. I love, love, love the Braves and love helping be part of a site that helps spread those feelings. And now, I want to help even more.

We have a big range of people in the Braves fan base in general, and the Talking Chop community specifically — from robot fans (no judgment!) who only care about stats, to people like me, who really want to know what someone’s favorite color is. Ideally we here at TC provide content that all people want to read, from those in-depth analyses that came over from Capitol Avenue Club last year, to every precious thing Ervin Santana does. I personally love reading everything from applications of sabermetrics to the fun things the guys do on photo day. But too often, I don't think we're doing enough to really serve any or all of those needs.

So that’s where I come in! I have some ideas of ways to help bring you more to read and engage with, but before anything's set in stone, I really want to hear from you! Please use this post as a forum to tell me and everyone else at Talking Chop can do to make the site better.

How can we expand on your experience as a fan? For example, would more polls be good? General discussion posts about the topic as the season goes on? Photo galleries from the past month of play? I'm a fan only 90 minutes south of Turner Field, so I may just assume you guys out in California know or hear things I do but you end up missing out on. Just please let me know!

While I'm reaching out, please feel free to contact me on twitter or email with any questions/comments/concerns/protests (please not those, though!). And feel free to like our Facebook page and follow our twitter for extra fun interaction.

So pretty please, with Ervin smiles on top, help me help you guys. I'm really excited to get going, and I hope y'all are too!

Thanks and Ervin's blessings,