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Braves Daily News Digest: 9/26

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Not 100% sure if the Braves even showed up last night.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Braves Don't Even Show up on Thursday, Lose 10-1

If you told me that there was actually a little league baseball team on the field in Atlanta on Thursday night, wearing Braves uniforms, there's a damn good chance I'd believe you. That's what happens when your starting pitcher doesn't even last five innings, your offense doesn't score a run until the ninth inning, and Luis Avilan does what he does best - give up a large sum of runs in a short amount of time. Long story short, is it Spring Training yet?

Braves' Youngsters Impress in GCL

Wait, hold the phone. Is that good news regarding the Braves? Yes it is my friend. While the Braves' major league squad may be inept at the moment, there's a pair of prospects in the Gulf Coast League who happen to be tearing it up, according to Baseball America. First-baseman Braxton Davidson and shortstop Ozhaino Albies. While both are incredibly, it's hard not to get a little excited about the potential of this duo.

The Lord of The Braves

You know what, i like to include heartfelt, feelgood stories in the digests. And given the season that the Braves are having, a genuinely nice story won't hurt anyone. T.W. Lord may be the longest tenured Braves' fan around. The 87-year-old has been a season ticket holder dating back to 1969. He's seen some of the greatest moments in Atlanta Braves history. He even gave his thoughts on SunTrust Park:

No matter what moves the Braves make in the offseason, Lord will be back in the stands next spring and the spring after that. The new Braves stadium, SunTrust Park, is set to open in Cobb in 2017.

"I think it’s going to be really an asset to Cobb County, and I think we’ll all enjoy," Lord said. "The very presence will add something to the county."

Braves GM Target: John Coppolella

Ah, right. Almost forgot that the Braves still don't have a permanent General Manger, and it would be nice to have one before the offseason speeds up. While John Hart's name was thrown around as a permanent replacement, our own Ian Harris suggests another in-house option; Braves Assistant GM and Director of Scouting John Coppolella.

MLB News:

Derek Jeter Goes Out in the Only Way He Could

For those who don't already know, I'm a Red Sox fan by birth and choice. In my 18-years of life, I've witnessed three World Series titles, MVP's, Cy Young's, and countless heartbreaks and collapses. None of those things made me feel quite the same way I did on Thursday night watching Derek Jeter step into the batters' box last night. Bottom of the ninth inning, game tied at five, and Antoan Richardson standing on second base. The Captain did what the Captain has done so well for so long; get the job done. He lined a single into right field, Richardson scored from second, and the Yankees walked off with a 6-5 win. Jeter was mobbed by his teammates as he ended his final game in Yankee Stadium. Whether you've been a fan or a critic of the Jeter love affair, you have to appreciate what happened last night, and realize that it could potentially go down as one of the greatest baseball moments of all time.