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Braves lose home finale 10-1

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It is hard to care about these games when the team so clearly doesn't

Kevin C. Cox

There are three games left in the Atlanta Braves season and I won't be watching them. This was my last game that I had to write a recap for and it is only the prior obligation of doing series coverage that compelled me to sit through this train wreck. But sit through it I did. I had to stand witness to the absolute nadir of Braves baseball as the team clinched its first losing season sine 2008 in thoroughly disgusting fashion. The Pirates absolutely destroyed the Braves, scoring ten runs while the Braves struck out ten times and managed one hilarious consolation run in the ninth inning. This team isn't worth any of our time at this point. Hopefully, whomever takes over the GM job is able to take steps to get things back on track next year and at least make the games watchable again.

I love baseball and I love the Braves so it would take a lot more than one terrible season to make me stop caring. But going 5-17 in September after entering the month very much alive for a playoff spot is as dispiriting a thing as I have witnessed as a sports fan. There is no way to say the team stopped giving effort or gave up the season. I am not in the clubhouse and I am not Charles Xavier so I have no clue what was in the hearts of the players. But right now the Braves look like a team that has quit and they have looked that way all month. It has been atrocious to watch and you should respect yourselves more and not subject yourselves to any more of this. Let us all just start discussing the offseason which figures to be at the very least eventful. Let's just hope the team can get back on track for next year and at least make things fun again.