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Braves Daily News Digest: 9/25

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Hey look, the Braves actually slid into the "W" column last night!

Scott Cunningham

Braves Score 6 Runs In Offensive Avalanche And Actually Win For A Change

Despite the fact that there's absolutely nothing to play for at this point, it still feels good to say the following: The Braves won last night. Not only that, they scored 6 runs. Six! Three times two! It feels like the Braves had to have done something illegal to accomplish this, but no. They just scored a lot, while Julio Teheran's pitching performance was more than enough to give the Braves the victory. What a novel concept! Anyways, make sure to enjoy this rare and precious video of a Brave (Justin Upton) collecting more than 1 run on 1 play.

Teheran Puts Icing On Cake That Was His 2014 Season

Although the offense has really skidded to the finish line, the pitching staff will be drifting past the finish line with something to be proud of. They've actually kept most of the opposing offenses at bay while having to go to the dugout and experience the soul-crushing inevitability of seeing their performance go to the wayside thanks to our bats whiffing at the plate. Last night, that wasn't the case for Julio Teheran, who capped off a good season with another good start on the mound. He even added some offense to boot! One of the bright spots of the season has been the pitching, and Teheran's shined in that group.

Hart As GM Wouldn't Be So Bad

Although John Schuerholz and the rest of the Transition Committee is keeping the GM search ongoing even after Senior Adviser to the team John Hart (and part of the transition committee) has been offered the job (even though Schuerholz admitted that he would definitely appreciate Hart taking the job), the move doesn't seem like it'd be a popular one. Popular or not, our own Scott Coleman argues that it would be a safe way to go for the time being, since it wouldn't be all that safe to just throw John Coppolella into the fire to kick off his GM career.

Hale Ends Season Just As He Started It: As A Starter

Meanwhile, David Hale has returned to the Braves rotation. He started the 2014 season as a spot starter while Mike Minor recovered from a sore shoulder. Now, he will finish the 2014 season as a spot starter while Mike Minor recovers from a sore shoulder. Time is really and truly a flat circle.

Could Rockies GM Be Coming To Atlanta?

Although his name has popped up in very few local or national pieces concerning the vacant Braves GM job, the people of Denver are openly wondering whether or not Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd could be headed to Atlanta. With Peter Gammons' speculating about the John Hart Executive Tree coming back together in Atlanta if Hart takes the job, this has brought the Rockies GM into the mix since he's part of that tree. Although it'd be unlikely to see him leave that job for a lesser job in another organization, one things clear: Our friends at Purple Row want him out and are using the Braves as bait to get him out. You guys at Purple Row are seriously some sneaky devils!

Jack White Shows Up At Braves Game; Looks 20 Years Younger Than He Did At Cubs Game

Remember when former White Stripes lead singer Jack White showed up at a Cubs game with that funky hair, the worn-out Cubs shirsey, and a general disposition of despair? Seriously, look at the .gif of him at the Cubs game in that link. He looks like he got caught at a bank robbery instead of at a Major League Baseball game. Well, on Tuesday night he showed up at the Braves game and looked like the exact opposite. He was smiling, laughing, and applauding while wearing a sparkling Hank Aaron jersey. The man looked downright jovial. I guess this is proof that simply stepping into Wrigley Field immediately ages you by 20 years and turns you into a dark, brooding soul. Despite how the team has looked this past month, that clearly isn't the case when it comes to The Ted.



Dodgers Take NL West Crown

After a topsy-turvy season out west where 2 eternal rivals did battle to see who'd get to carry the flag of the NL West in the 2014 Postseason, the Dodgers finally closed the lid on the Giants, and did so with an emphatic 9-1 victory. The win gave the Dodgers their 2nd consecutive Divisional championship and their 4th since 2008. Naturally, the man behind the "1" in the "R" column for San Francisco was Clayton Kershaw, who had himself yet another masterpiece on Wednesday night.

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Tigers Guarantee Themselves A Spot In October

Speaking of teams who are starting to become mainstays in October, the Detroit Tigers will be back in the Postseason this year. Amazingly, this is the 1st time in Detroit Tigers history that they've made it to the playoffs 4 seasons in a row. They don't exactly have a full trophy case, but you'd think that they would have gone through a successful period like this before. Turns out they haven't, so it's nice to see them going through a period of good times like this. Still, the Tigers have some work left to do, as the AL Central division is still in play as we head into the final weekend of the 2014 season.