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Today might be Frank Wren's final day as Braves GM

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The rumor mill is heating up and Frank Wren's hot seat is probably on fire right now.


Remember yesterday when Mark Bowman reported that the Braves might not wait until the end of the season to make some changes in the front office, particularly when it comes to Frank Wren being the General Manager of the Braves? Well, it looks like today is that day of reckoning, as there are multiple reporters saying that we could be hearing a major announcement from the Braves as far as Wren is concerned.

So, it's looking extremely likely that this is going to be Frank Wren's last day as GM of the Braves. However, that last tweet by Rosenthal is a tad bit distressing, because it says that there will be changes made to the coaching staff, but nothing about managerial changes. In fact, all signs point to Fredi Gonzalez's job being safe. That is absolutely inexplicable, because if there's anybody who really needs to pay for this calamitous season (also, the Great Collapse of 2011 and 2 additional October failures), it's the man who's been steering this sinking ship towards the 3rd rung of the National League Eastern Division.

We've already gone on at length about why Fredi should get the heave-ho (which, personally, I agree with 100%), and it also appears that you guys overwhelmingly believe that if one guy gets the boot, then the other will receive the same boot as well. Plus, who knows what will happen once the Braves get a new General Manager in here. He may decide that there needs to be a new managerial direction, and that might be when Fredi gets his one-way ticket out of Atlanta.

But for now, it appears that Frank Wren and most of the coaching staff (namely hitting coach Greg Walker, among others) will be the ones who fall on the sword for Fredi Gonzalez. Stay tuned, because with the game against the Pirates tonight, the news will probably come sooner rather than later today.