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Braves Daily News Digest: 9/22

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Braves playoff hopes are slashed, and more!

Kevin Liles

Braves News:

Playoffs Are Officially Out of the Picture

Well, it was fun while it lasted, right? The Braves season (which has been filled with it's fair shares of ups and downs) will be ending after 162 games for a fact, as they've been mathematically eliminated from the 2014 MLB Playoffs. They didn't quite have a greaceful exit, either, after a 10-2 walloping via the lowly New York Mets. But hey, Ervin Santana notched his 1,500th career strikeout, so there's that.

Clock May Be Ticking on Wren

As you already know, the Braves are NOT going to have a chance to compete in the Fall Classic. That being said, some changes will have to be made, and General Manager Frank Wren may be the first to drop. Need a replacement? Look no further than Kansas City's Dayton Moore:

The team website also speculated Royals GM Dayton Moore, a former Braves front office person, could become a candidate to replace Wren. However, that would seem more unlikely since Moore has two years left on his Kansas City contract and would seem committed to that team.

Braves Bats Become Colder With the Weather

Four years of Fredi Gonzalez, four years of quiet bats in September. The Braves rank last in the league in runs scored, batting average, and slugging, and in case you didn't know, those aren't good spots to rank when trying to fight for a playoff berth. Naturally, this brings the jobs of both Gonzalez and hitting coach Greg Walker into question. Will the late-season lack of hitting cost some of the Atlanta coaches their jobs?

Gattis Looking to Get Back to Catching This Week

First it was strep throat, than it was a kidney stone. El Oso Blanco just hasn't had the best luck when it comes to staying healthy as of late. But, it looks like Gattis will be finding his way back into the lineup sooner rather than later. Evan got back into the lineup this weekend, and will be trying to reinsert himself as the full-time catcher by the end of the week.

MLB News:

Cardinals Set to Return to Postseason

After coming off of a disappointing World Series loss to the magical Boston Red Sox, the St. Louis Cardinals are back in the postseason again, looking to make a deeper run. They're still in pursuit of a NL Central title, fighting off the Pirates.While they are excited, the mindset is still on the division crown:

"You can tell that it is a one-track mind right now," manager Mike Matheny said. "It's, 'What do we have to do to win this division?' There will be a time, if things play out and we're able to go in as a Wild Card team, we will celebrate that, because there are a whole lot of teams that would like to be in this situation. But right now, we're also in a position to keep moving forward to try and win this division.