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Weekend Digest: Papelbon has issues; why Washington resigned; Walter White does baseball

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MLB news from the past week.

Rich Schultz

Jonathan Papelbon suspended for crotch grab

After blowing the save Sunday at CBP, Papelbon not-so-subtlely grabbed his crotch as he walked off the field, staring into the crowd as he did so. He was suspended seven games and was also fined for the gesture, which he said was him simply adjusting his athletic supporter and we all know that's BS. When Joe West ejected him, Papelbon saw fit to jump out of the dugout and get in West's face, prompting him to grab him by the jersey and jerk him out of the way. Since neither umpires nor players are allowed to initiate contact with each other, West was suspended for one game (Wednesday).

I know we like to rag on umpires, but I'll side with them on this. Papelbon was being a d*ck (pun intended) and deserved what he got.

Ron Washington reveals why he resigned as Rangers manager

I applaud him for coming out and admitting his unfaithfulness, but I don't think he really needed to do so. His reasons for resigning are his own and weren't required to be made public. One could argue that he did so to keep the press from pressuring him about it.

Bryan Cranston performs one-man show to promote MLB postseason

"I am the one who knocks (home runs)."

Because few things are as entertaining as watching a 58-year-old man trying to pretend to play baseball. He even gets ballet tips from Pedro Martinez.

Gatorade releases emotional Derek Jeter commercial

Jeter will playing his final home games as a Yankee this coming week against Baltimore, and I'm sure there won't be a dry eye in the house when September 25th rolls around. Meanwhile, Gatorade released a commercial filmed earlier this summer featuring Jeter and I must say, it'll hit you right in the feels.

It didn't seem to affect this guy, though, calling Jeter a "fraud".