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Braves offense still dead with shutout loss to the Mets

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Surprise! The offense (still) sucks!

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Look everyone! It's another goose egg on the scoreboard!

Another listless showing by the Braves offense has them even further back in the Wild Card chase with a 5-0 loss to the Mets.

It's been real tiresome to repeat the same sad song: solid starting pitching plus zero offense equals not a lot of wins and tons of frustration. Julio Teheran turned in seven innings and struck out six, but one mistake to Lucas Duda in the sixth turned into a two-run homer and two runs is plenty to beat this Braves team.

Atlanta's offense (if you want to call it that) managed just five hits total against Zack Wheeler in six innings, and Andrelton Simmons had three (!) of them. It's too bad that Justin Upton picked this time to go ice cold as he struck out three times in the game, twice with runners in scoring position. They left seven on base in the game.

Just to dump more salt in the wound, Jordan Walden walked three in a row after an infield hit in the ninth and then Luis Avilan gave up a two-run single to Eric Young.

This was the 15th shutout loss for the Braves this year, two away from last year's total, and the fifth one in September.

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