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Peraza could get the call if Simmons is hurt worse than expected

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MLB's Mark Bowman believes Jose Peraza could be in line for a call up if Andrelton Simmons's ankle is hurt worse than expected.


It's been an intriguing 24 hours for Atlanta's top position prospect Jose Peraza. Last night, he was pulled from game one of a doubleheader with Mississippi, leading some to speculate than he may be getting a call up. MLB's Mark Bowman quickly quashed that speculation:

Questioned further today about Peraza getting a call, Bowman added this:

It's important to note that this is just his speculation, but there is no other reporter who's more plugged in with the Braves than Bowman. Put succinctly, his speculation carries more weight than just about anyone else's.

And he makes a valid point. If Atlanta is without their All-World defensive shortstop for any substantial length of time, do you really want to make Ramiro Pena a starter? Elmer Reyes? Tyler Pastornicky?

Atlanta's offense is already terrible right now. Jose Peraza is the only possible Simmons replacement that wouldn't exacerbate that awfulness.

And he does cool things like this.