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For The First Time Since 1949, Braves Finish Road Trip 0-8

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The Seattle Mariners haven't scored more than 6 runs since July 1st. Luckily for them, they ran into the Braves (who are completely awful right now) at just the right time!

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There you have it. After yet another exhibition of extremely poor and uninspiring baseball, the Atlanta Braves have finished this road trip 0-8, which is the first time that this has happened to the Braves franchise since the team was in Boston. Not Milwaukee. Boston. When you are talking about records from the 1940s being matched or broken, then it's either really good or really bad. In the case of Atlanta, it's pretty doggone bad.

Julio Teheran was the starter for the Braves today, and he's been known to have a rough start to his games sometimes, and that's exactly what happened today. After the top of the Braves order went down 1-2-3 to Chris Young, the top of the Mariners order did not go down 1-2-3. Instead, the combination of Dustin Ackley (single), Robinson Cano (walk), and Kyle Seager (single) was enough for the Mariners to score the game's first run. At that point, it didn't cascade into anything else so the scoring ended there.

In the 3rd inning, the Braves got a rally going and eventually ended up with the bases loaded with only 1 out. Normally this is a time of great anticipation for baseball fans. Instead, most of us were just waiting to see how the Braves would manage to screw it up this time. However, Tommy La Stella added a plot twist; He worked the count and walked on a full count to tie the game up. Then Freddie Freeman came up and what seemed like a breakthrough happened: The Braves brought in multiple runs with the bases loaded. A gapper to left brought in Ramiro Pena and Emilio Bonifacio to put the Braves in the lead. Once again, it seemed like we'd seen a breakthrough for the team, even if it was early, yet.

As good as the top of the 3rd inning was for the Braves, that's how badly the bottom half went. Obviously confused and bewildered by the offensive fireworks, Julio Teheran proceeded to hang a meatball right in the middle of the plate, which Dustin Ackley smacked right into the right field seats for a leadoff dinger, cutting the Braves lead to 1. However, Teheran got Cano to fly out and struck out Kendrys Morales, giving us hope that maybe the leadoff homer that he gave up was just a blip.

Instead, it was a leak that eventually led to the entire dam bursting. Two singles from Kyle Seager and Chris Taylor gave Logan Morrison a chance to possibly tie the game up with another single. Instead, LoMo picked a fantastic time to hit his 6th home run of the season; A 3-run homer that catapulted the Mariners back into the lead. The most talented pitcher on our staff gave up 2 homers in one inning to one guy who had 6 homers so far this season and another who had 5. Just let that marinate.

The bad fortune continued into the next inning. Jason Heyward led off the inning with a single, and 2 outs later, it was B.J. Upton's turn to bat. For the first time since July 23rd, B.J. Upton hit a double. The problem is that the ball bounced over the fence for a ground rule double. Had the ball stayed in play, Jason Heyward and his blazing speed would have scored (or at the very least made it a play at the plate). Instead, Heyward was forced to go back to 3rd base because baseball is dumb and I hate it right now. Anyways, Ramiro Pena feebly grounded out to 2nd to end the inning.

That would be as close as the Braves would get to scoring for the rest of the day. Chris Young exited the game following the 5th inning, and the Braves did very little against the Mariners' bullpen. The only highlight was Ramiro Pena slding head-first into 1st base, which is basically like putting a cherry on top of an ice cream cone filled with sewage. Oh, by the way; The cherry isn't a cherry. It's a mothball.

Meanwhile, the Mariners added 2 more runs to their tally to make it 7-3, and that's how the game ended. I'm honestly disappinted that the Mariners didn't score 8 because giving up 8 runs to cap off an 0-8 road trip would have been perfect symmetry, but hey, you can't always get what you want.

Anyways, that was a depressing game to watch. This has been a depressing week of baseball. It's just been all bad. Please get better, Braves, because this is really hard to watch right now.

Source: FanGraphs