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Pete Van Wieren passes away at age 69

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Beloved Braves broadcaster Pete Van Wieren passed away this Saturday.

You'll be missed, Pete.
You'll be missed, Pete.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Former Braves broadcaster Pete Van Wieren passed away this Saturday after a lengthy battle with cancer at the age of 69.

Pete, also known as "The Professor" spent 33-years broadcasting Braves games alongside the late Skip Caray, forming an incredibly talented broadcasting duo.

The Braves released a statement regarding his passing:

"The Atlanta Braves are deeply saddened by the passing of Pete Van Wieren. He was such a large and important part of our organization. We and all of our fans across Braves Country fondly remember his soothing voice calling our games for 33 years. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Elaine, his children and his grandchildren."

Van Wieren retired from broadcasting in 2008, and went on to co-author a book in 2010, "Of Mikes and Men: A Lifetime of Braves Baseball"

Funeral arrangements have yet to be made, but it will be a private service.