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Braves trashed by Padres 10-1

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This is what rock bottom looks like.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego is a beautiful city, so it is odd to think of it as the place that the Atlanta Braves would hit rock bottom. But that is exactly what happened as the Braves were destroyed by the worst offensive team in baseball 10-1.

It is possible this was Mike Minor's last start for a while. Pitching in one of the hardest parks in baseball to hit a home run in Minor allowed league average hitter Tommy Medica to take him deep twice for four runs. Minor had nothing from the start putting the ball on a metaphorical tee for what seemed like every Padres hitter. Minor ultimately managed to persevere through five innings allowing five runs and only managing one strikeout. Whatever is causing Minor's struggles, they are very real and he cannot help the Braves win baseball games right now.

Three Braves relievers would come on to finish the game and each of them allowed at least one run. Juan Jaime pitched the sixth for the Braves striking out two, but a double and single pushed the Padres lead to 6-1. David Hale was a disaster in the seventh inning allowing three runs and only managing to get two outs. Chris Carpenter came on and got the Braves out of the seventh but allowed the Padres to push their lead to double digits in the 8th. The Braves allowed 20 hits and 10 runs against the worst offense in baseball in one of the most friendly pitchers parks in baseball. This was a disaster.

Not that the offense was any better. Chris Johnson was the only bright spot for Atlanta getting on base three times and driving in Atlanta's only run. New trade acquisition Emilio Bonifacio had two walks which was nice to see. But this team was lifeless and seemingly disinterested. Of note was in the third inning when Medica stole third base with the combination of Mike Minor and Gerald Laird seemingly unaware Medica was even on the bases. Terry Pendleton berated the Braves from the dugout following this fiasco and it is hard to argue this wasn't deserved. In what has been a frustrating season this game stood out as especially infuriating.

The Braves have lost four in a row and the season feels like it is on the brink. Things have to change and they have to change right now.