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Weekend Digest: new commish elected; Rockies go under the knife; Harvey, Collins at odds

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MLB news from the past week.

H.Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Manfred elected new MLB commissioner

YES!!! NO MORE BUD!!!! Let's just hope he's not as sucky as Bud was.

Tom Werner's bid to overtake Manfred for the job didn't work, so come next year, Manfred will be officially installed as MLB's 10th commissioner. Manfred had served as MLB's COO since September last year.

Tulowitzki and CarGo to have season-ending surgery

Tulo will require hip surgery and Gonzalez will have knee surgery. It's too bad for the Rockies, who are dead last in the NL West. Gonzalez was hitting just .238 this year with 11 home runs, and one writer for the Denver Post suggests Tulowitzki move to first base, an idea Tulo was less than thrilled about when it was first suggested to him in 2012.

Collins to Matt Harvey: "Back off"

Matt Harvey is chomping at the bit to get back to real pitching, but his manager won't let him. Harvey's coming off TJ surgery and if he's not careful, he could put his career in serious jeopardy. It's understandable for him to want to return to pitching in the Majors again ASAP, but I'm not sure if he's got his future in mind.

Pedro Martinez advocates Bonds and Clemens for HOF

I'm a bit torn on this. Yes, there is evidence that they both cheated, but one name I see thrown around is Gaylord Perry who often utilized a spitball as one who tried to cheat, yet is in the Hall of Fame. Is a spitball on the same level as PEDs? Personally, I don't think so. In the case of Perry, the batter still has to hit the ball. Although, the same could be said of Clemens even though he didn't use a spitter. You know what, I don't know. Maybe Clemens, but I don't know about Bonds.


LLWS player has a brother named Cash

Last name Money, first name Cash. Cash Money. Seriously.



Okay then…either his parents have a weird sense of humor or he's going to be a politician.