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Braves Daily News Digest: 8/12

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Where getting shut down by Kevin Correia happens.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Braves Continue To Lose Against Teams Not From Washington, D.C.

Now that the Nationals have left town with a series loss, the Braves have now entered the 7-game home stretch against the Dodgers and A's and it hasn't gotten off to a good start, as Atlanta lost their 6th straight game (counting the playoffs) against the Dodgers.. The Braves had an early lead, but Julio Teheran had another inning where the bottom fell out, and by the end of that inning, the Braves were down 3-1. The game eventually ended 6-2, because right now, the Braves are in no shape to recover from one bad inning. They proved that by cobbling together only 1 run against Kevin Correia.

TLS Exits Game With Hamstring Ailment

Tommy La Stella was knocked out of last night's game pretty early. After diving for a ball that got past him, he came up clutching his hamstring and exited the game eventually. The move to take TLS out seems to be merely a precautionary move, since Fredi plans to start TLS for tonight's contest.

Simba Appears To Be Ready To Return

All signs seem to be pointing towards Andrelton Simmons making his return to shortstop tonight. A week or so after spraining his ankle on a freak play against the Mariners, Simba tested his ankle today and if there were a grade for this test, it appears that he got an "A." This, combined with TLS being fine will probably cool the rumors of a potential Jose Peraza call-up for now. From Mark Bowman's report:

Any lingering concerns the Braves might have had seemed to evaporate as Simmons spent the next hour jogging, fielding ground balls and taking batting practice without any hint of discomfort. Barring an overnight setback, the exciting shortstop will likely return to Atlanta's lineup for Tuesday night's game against the Dodgers.

Harang Continues To Inexplicably Have Good Year

I will say this: If you had told me back in Spring when the Braves brought in Harang after Cleveland had cut him that he'd end up with a 3.31 ERA, a 3.65 FIP, and a fWAR of 1.6, I would have kicked you in the shin for insulting me with your boundless optimism (this is your reminder that Freddy Garcia finished 2013 with a 4.37 ERA, 5.49 FIP, and -0.3 fWAR). Fortunately, that didn't have to happen, and seeing Harang wriggle his way out of awful situations on a regular basis this season has been one of my favorite things this year, even if it causes my blood pressure to spike every time it happens.

DOB: "Heyward Beginning To Turn Into Who We Figured He Would"

In his blog post on Monday, AJC Braves beat writer Dave O'Brien focused on Jason Heyward, who is currently playing some pretty good baseball right now; good enough to where Heyward is currently 3rd in the entire NL for fWAR. He came back and didn't miss a beat following his back injury, and DOB expounds on that:

It’s one of best stretches  of his career, and Heyward hasn’t missed a beat since returning from a four-game as beat since returning from a four-game absence for a low-back strain, going 11-for-27 with four extra-base hits, four multi-hit games and three RBIs in seven games since returning to the lineup.

Kimbrel Now Best Major League Closer In Alabama History

Well how's this for an extremely random milestone. On Sunday night, Craig Kimbrel collected his 34th save of the 2014  season, and the 173rd of his career. With that save, Kimbrel became the All-Time Saves Leader for closers born in Alabama. The guy he passed? Here's a blast from the past: "The Cowboy" Jeff Brantley.

B.J. Uses TV-MA Language And Causes A Stir

Meanwhile on Sunday, B.J. Upton didn't make it into the starting lineup for the finale against the Nats, but he did come on late in the game as a pinch runner. He also came on in a very profane manner, as he was dropping bombs left and right, which ESPN's mics caught. This put Twitter into a tizzy because everything puts Twitter into a tizzy, with people speculating that B.J. was angry at Fredi for using him as a pinch runner. Scott mused that B.J. was cussing up a storm because, well, baseball players like to cuss up a storm sometimes, and that's all there is to it. I tend to agree. I'd be shocked if there wasn't more cussing on the field, to be honest.


Kansas City Is In First Place In The Middle Of August

Hey, remember when everybody who even cares a smidge about baseball was crowning the Detroit Tigers as the kings of the AL Central once again? Although the Tigers are still very much in contention to win the division, it appears that they'll have stiff competition in the form of the Kansas City Royals. Yep, the Royals! Kansas City beat the Oakland A's 3-2. That, combined with Detroit losing in Pittsburgh, was enough to catapult the Royals into 1st place, and this is the latest they've been in 1st in over 10 years. Personally, I hope it lasts because wouldn't it be nice to see the Royals back in the playoffs again?

Beltran Steals Home As New York Beats Baltimore

This wasn't like Jackie Robinson stealing home in a blaze of glory during Game 1 of the 1955 World Series, but no matter how it happens, stealing home is pretty cool and 87-year old Carlos Beltran managed to pull it off last night. As you'll see, it required a lot of good fortune, but it happened. The 1st place Orioles got the last laugh though, as they ended up smacking the Yankees by the score of 11-3.

Stanton Has Monstrous Night For Marlins Against St. Louis

There are some nights where you can't really do too much about a particular guy on the opposition. Last night was one of those nights for the Cardinals, as Giancarlo Stanton went bonkers for the Marlins. Stanton ended up hitting two gigantic home run moon shots, and he also had a great diving catch to boot. was kind enough to put his exploits from last night in a quick video, so enjoy watching a guy play baseball extremely well.