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People are kinda mad at B.J. Upton again

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Did B.J. get mad at Fredi for making him pinch-run?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

During last night's 3-1 win over the Nationals, B.J. Upton was benched in favor of Emilio Bonifacio in center field. He was called on to pinch-run for Evan Gattis in the eighth inning.

ESPN's microphones caught him saying "motherfucker" a few times to Adam LaRoche, and it seemed B.J. wasn't happy about something.

Naturally, #BravesFam on Twitter went nuts and convinced itself within a few minutes that Upton was cursing Fredi Gonzalez for making him pinch-run. B.J. has been an easy target for critics over the last two years, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that the speculation has led to this.

Simply put: lots of folks are talking about it, but there is zero evidence to prove anything.

Maybe B.J.'s athletic cup had pinched him the wrong way and he said a bad word because of it.

Maybe he was really saying, "Hey, I have a great mother and father!" and choked on a sunflower seed in the process.

Make he just likes to shout "motherfucker!" on Sunday nights.

Either way, let's move on. Criticize B.J. for having a bad batting average or striking out way too much, but speculating like this? Come on.

Besides, who hasn't sworn at Fredi during the late innings of an important game?