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Series Recap: Braves vs. Nationals

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Yep, we swatted them.

Scott Cunningham

The losing streak is over, and the Braves are one game closer to the Nats. Nothing is more satisfying than beating your favorite victim, although I would've been more satisfied with a sweep.

Atlanta's offense scored 11 runs total in the three games, eight of them on home runs. The Braves were 2-17 in scoring position, and both hits came in the last game. It seems they have no problem getting hits, but driving them in seems to be the problem. 26 runners were stranded on base, 11 of them in the game delayed by over 3.5 hours of rain. The wins are good, but they can't hide the fact that this offense has serious problems with situational hitting.

The starting pitching was great. Ervin Santana did give up a three-run homer, but that was after he held the Nats to one hit through the first five innings and bested Stephen Strasburg. Fortunately, the Nats comeback fell short. Aaron Harang allowed only a solo homer to Adam LaRoche in seven innings as he matched Tanner Roark. The real gem of the series, though, was Alex Wood who struck out 12, setting a new career high. He too only allowed a solo homer in the series finale on Sunday.

The Upton brothers homered in the same game for the fifth time on Friday; Tommy La Stella hit his first major-league homer in that game as well. Justin Upton's homer on Sunday was his 500th RBI and 1,000th career hit.

Freddie Freeman: 5-11, 1 double, 1 HR, 2 RBI
Evan Gattis: 2-10, 6 K
Emilio Bonifacio: 4-9, 1 SB
Justin Upton: 2-9, 2 solo HR
B.J. Upton: 1-9, 1 HR, 5 K
Tommy La Stella: 3-10, 1 HR
Carpenter/Russell/Varvaro: 3.1 IP, 6 hits, 4 ER, 2 BB, 1 HR allowed