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Series Recap: Braves at Dodgers

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Well, that sucked.

Lisa Blumenfeld

The Braves were looking for retribution for last year's Division Series. What they got the broom. Despite stellar performances by Julio Teheran and Alex Wood, the Braves leave LA having been swept by Kershaw, Kemp and Co. Teheran and Wood deserved better fortunes; all Wood gave up was a home run to Kemp in seven innings, and Teheran allowed just five hits in eight innings.

I'm sure the Braves are happy to be away from Matt Kemp now. He was 6-10 with three homers and six RBI.

When Kemp was batting in the 10th inning on Wednesday with the winning run at second, why wasn't he walked intentionally as good as he was hitting in the series? Even if Atlanta had lost regardless, he was hitting like a banshee and you don't pitch to him in that situation. Whatever.

The most winnable game was the opener. Aaron Harang wasn't bad, but he didn't exactly fool anybody (so what else is new?). He and Josh Beckett both allowed four runs on nine hits, but Beckett was knocked out after 4.1 innings. Atlanta's offense left 14 runners on base, eight of them in scoring position.

Braves hitters actually managed nine hits against Clayton Kershaw, but only a single measly run. Story of the season for the Braves offense.

Hanley Ramirez, who more often than not does something to hurt the Braves, was a non-factor, going 0-11 with five strikeouts.

B.J. Upton had a forgettable series as well: 3-13 with eight strikeouts. Two of those hits came against Kershaw (!).

Tommy La Stella: 5-12, 2 walks
Justin Upton: 5-12, 1 double, 1 HR
Andrelton Simmons: 2-10, 2 RBI, 3 GIDP