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Evan Gattis is hitting the ball to all fields with authority

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Check out this spray chart for Evan Gattis

Scott Cunningham

A Beyond the Box Score writer, Chris St. John, was tweeting about how Evan Gattis has been driving the ball to all fields with more authority this year. Both he and Daren Willman took a look at and posted his spray chart from the start of the season last year to August first and the start of the season this year and August first to illustrate their point.


As you can see, first off he has more hits in that time frame. Second off, you notice there are more going to right field than last season. He is not sacrificing his over the fence power to left field, as he still hits a majority of his home runs to that portion of the field, but he has shown development in being able to drive the ball the opposite way and up the middle more frequently. I would like to see a few more doubles from Gattis, but as long as he is hitting the ball over the fence and still getting on base at a decent clip, he will remain one of the better offensive catchers in baseball.