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Braves Daily Digest 7/7: Three All Stars and Upton in the Final Vote

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Congratulations to Freddie Freeman, Julio Teheran, and Craig Kimbrel

Scott Cunningham

Braves News:

Vote Justin Upton into the All Star Game

Justin Upton is a member of this year's final vote. Last year Freddie Freeman won the final vote due to a huge backing by Braves fans. Upton is a deserving member and hopefully we all get out there and make him an All Star.

Freddie Freeman, Julio Teheran, and Craig Kimbrel are All Stars

All three of these players are deserving All Stars, most notably in my opinion is Teheran. Freeman was absolutely mashing before he ran into some eye issues earlier this year and Kimbrel has been dominant but has also blown as many saves already this season as he did all of last year. Teheran has been the rock the Braves need at the top of the rotation and is turning himself into a bonafide ace.

Should the Braves trade for David Price?

I asked yesterday if the Braves should trade for David Price. The answer on our poll was a very loud "no." Let us know what you think if you have not already.

League News:

The Diamondbacks trade Brandon McCarthy to the Yankees for Vidal Nuno

In a swap of a bad pitcher for a worse pitcher, the Yankees were able to get the better end of a deal with the Diamondbacks and likely soon to be fired general manager Kevin Towers. Nuno has been terrible while McCarthy has an inflated ERA but solid peripherals.

Yankees DFA Alfonso Soriano

Keeping it in New York, the Yankees also DFA'd Alfonso Soriano. It could be the end of the line for the former 40-40 member. Soriano is a shell of what he was, but he seems content with the team's decision and will take some time off to decide his future.

Samardzija stymies Jays in debut

In his first start with Oakland, Jeff Samardzija bested the Blue Jays. Samardzija will be on a legitimate winner for the first time in his major league career, so it will be fun to see a competitor like Samardzija on the mound in big games later this season.