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Should the Braves be trying to trade for David Price?

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You decide

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

With two of the top pitchers on the market moving from Chicago to Oakland this weekend, that means there is an even higher demand for the top available starter, David Price.

Price has the rest of this year and next year until he hits free agency, which is a prime time for a contending team to acquire his services. He's pitched very well this year despite his 3.50 ERA. His K-BB% is higher than its ever been at 25% (his career average is 16% and career high is 17.5%). He has battled some home run problems, but he is a no-doubt-about-it ace that would be a huge boost to any rotation.

The Dodgers are said to be in on him, which would make their already star studded rotation even more insane. Hopefully if he does get traded to a team other than the Braves, its to a team in the American League.

As for the cost, in spitballing with a few others, offering Christian Bethancourt, Lucas Sims, and Jose Peraza seems like a starting point, and the Rays would probably ask for even more. With the Braves lack of upper echelon prospects, a deal would seemingly have to include a lot of quality as the Braves lack the quantity of some other teams. For example, there is no Addison Russell for the Braves to trade in this scenario.

So you tell us, with that being an estimated starting point on conversations, should the Braves be trying to trade for David Price?