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New Additions to Talking Chop

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Welcome our newest writers and moderators

Jonathan Daniel

Everyone, please join me in welcoming three new people to the Talking Chop crew.

Two of them you already know quite well and will act as moderators on the blog. I have asked GumpBrave and Ivan The Great to join TC as moderators. They will be there to essentially keep the peace on the gamethreads. We got asked by a few members to have some type of regulation on the gamethreads specifically, so Gump and Ivan will be basically doing what they have been doing for years and also will have the authority to make sure the environment in the gamethreads is as fun and enjoyable as we would like it to be.

The other addition is Shawn McFarland, who will be working on our daily link posts and other news items. Shawn was born and raised in Boston, but is a Braves fan as well. Has written with FanSided, ESPN SweetSpot, and Baseball Essential. He is also a IBWAA member. Currently he attends Springfield College as a Sports Management student. You can follow Shawn on twitter @McFarland_Shawn.

As always, we are always looking for new talented and dedicated bloggers to join the ranks. If you feel you are qualified and can bring something to the table, feel free to reach out to me  or anyone else on the team via email or twitter. Welcome guys!