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Dan Uggla suspended for one game

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Uggla is out and Gosselin is in for the last game before the All-Star Break.

Brian Garfinkel

Once news broke that Phil Gosselin had been added to the 25-man roster, speculation was high that Dan Uggla had finally been cut from the roster.

Well, it was sort of true.

Uggla has been served with a one-game suspension, for causes currently unknown. As Mark Bowman pointed out, they're usually dealt for lateness or insubordination.

By all accounts, Uggla has been an outstanding teammate while dealing with his benching and the rise of Tommy La Stella. Maybe he finally lost it, or maybe Frank Wren is just looking for an excuse to cut him for reasons other than lack of performance.

Either way, this could be a sign of something more permanent to come during the All-Star Break. As has been pointed out, no one really would've noticed if Uggla had just missed the last game before the break.


Fredi Gonzalez told members of the media that the cause of the suspension is an "internal matter" and he won't be saying more than that. Interesting.

Update 2:

Dave O'Brien of the AJC is reporting that Uggla was late to Saturday's game, but that Fredi Gonzalez still expects him to be around for the first game after the break.