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MLB All-Star Game 2014: Justin Upton loses to Anthony Rizzo in the Final Vote

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Unfortunately, Justin Upton will not be an All-Star

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Despite hammering the competition in the Twitter portion of the Final Vote, Justin Upton has lost to Anthony Rizzo in the Final Vote to be a member of this year's All-Star team.

It is unfortunate to see Upton not make the All-Star club after such a stellar start. A weaker second month contributed to him not making the club, but Upton is a huge part of the team's success so far. However, much like the squad itself, his inconsistencies have been at least a bit maddening so far this year.

The Braves are one of the streakiest teams in baseball, as evident by their nine consecutive wins followed by four consecutive losses, and Upton may be the most inconsistent guy on the team as well with him sometimes looking like an absolute stud and other times looking like he has no idea what to expect at the plate.